In this video, I share tips to newcomers who are currently in Canada and those soon to arrive. If someone had shared these information with me pre-arrival, no doubt, I would have soared right away, but alas, no one did.

And I do not want to see YOU fall into the same pit. These are few tips I have worked with my clients to implement and transform their careers. I have also personally applied them to move myself from flipping burgers at McDonald’s to working directly with Senior Executives. Here’s what you’ll get:

How to prepare for your career pre-arrival
What to do to get ahead of the competition
How to determine if you need a career pivot and what to do
How to build strategic career networks as a newcomer
And much more
I know it says newcomers, but I have helped clients who have spent five years or more, but are still ‘newcomers’ in their careers. Enough reading, more listening.

Grab your pen, find a quiet place and step into a transformative experience, because you my friend deserve a fulfilling career in Canada!

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